Thursday, 18 February 2016

Welcome to The Rogue Bayman!

Welcome to The Rogue Bayman Blog!

This blog is for all of the people who want to believe in a better tomorrow for Newfoundland and Labrador! 87 years ago we lost our sovereignty, and for most of those long years the residents of this great province have lived under the thumb of despots and tyrants. Strong words? Sure they are, but any real study into the political history of Newfoundland and Labrador will prove them to be true words as well.

In 2016 our province sits at a crossroads. The status quo of elected egos and an inefficient bureaucracy, long left unchecked, has brought us to the edge of a fiscal cliff. The continued mismanagement of our finances and unsustainable spending have left us in a precarious position from which there will be a painful fall if things do not change soon. The time has come for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador to stand up and demand better from our elected officials. For the sake of our children and of grandchildren we must act now to take back the power and change the course of our history. The 2015 general election set a record for the lowest voter turnout rate ever at just 55%. When I ask people why they didn’t vote they tell me it is because of a lack of real choice on the ballot. As far as they are concerned, no matter who wins elections, the people lose.

The purpose of The Rogue Bayman is to educate and inspire the people of this great province to believe that we can do better. It is to tell them that we don’t have to wait around for someone else to do it for us. Somewhere along the way we forgot that we are the boss. Not the Premier or the members of the House of Assembly. We forgot that the idea of democracy means a government of the people, for the people. We need to remember that the power belongs to us and not the blow-hard politicians and bureaucrats.

I have been a political junkie for as long as I can remember. I was raised by a PC mother and a Liberal father and for a while I voted NDP just to be a rebel. I now hold no political affiliation as I believe that we currently do not have a party that represents the needs of the residents of this province. In the past two years I have been involved in an ongoing saga with our government to fight for better rights for the citizens and families of this province. Through many meetings and endless research and reading, I have uncovered some disturbing truths and have developed a very unique understanding of the many problems that plague our public service.

The inefficiency and outright insanity that I have encountered on an ongoing basis has led me to speak out publicly and to continue to hound and harass our elected officials to do their jobs and perform better for the many people who depend on them. I will share some of these experiences with you from time to time in order to demonstrate the sad reality of a public service that has been taken over by the bureaucrats. From incredulous indifference to out and out lies, I have experienced it all. Someone asked me why I don’t write a book, but I always reply that nobody would believe the stories! I have been able to live in this province as part of a working-poor family, a single father on welfare, and as a small business owner. This combination of experiences has allowed me to develop the unique perspective on which this blog will be based.

So please join me on this journey of personal political exploration to expose the hard truths that are right in front of our eyes. The power really is in our hands. I’ll write the words, you be the voice.

Ryan Young
The Rogue Bayman

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